Snowpeak Tent

Our Exclusive Snowpeak Tensile Structure is at the forefront of Tensile Tent Technology, offering a dramatic aesthetic appeal and WOW-Factor! An ideal semi or permanent structure suitable for any large venue. FOCAL POINTS

  • Framed walling System – looking neater and more secure offering solid or fabric sidewalls.
  • Relatively easy assembly.
  • Spectacular aesthetics – incomparable to any other in the temporary, demountable arena.
  • With the Tensile Roof extending from the top of the Peaks to ground-level, this makes for a very stable and protected venue from both wind and rain.
  • Because of the arched perimeters and the walling set back, the arches form over hangs that protect the walling from the rain and inclement weather.
  • They also stop the rain from getting under the walls and keeps the inside dry.
  • No guide ropes to trip over!
The Advantages Of Using Tented Structures For African Megachurches



Eelctroplated Steel


PVC coated polyester fabric.  Waterproof

Fabric Options

840gsm and 950gsm Block-out, UV, FR, AF (acrylic coated both sides

Walling Options

Solid walls, fabric walls, double doors and flick flack doors

Standard Sizes

25m x 15m extendable in 10m modules

35m x 20m extendable in 15m modules

45m x 30m extendable in 15m modules


A high-level entertainment venue for the larger, more prestigious functions as well as: churches, corporate functions exhibitions etc.  

Stretch Tent on horizon

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