Product Care 

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How to clean structures

Frequency of Cleaning

To ensure the longevity of your MTT Structures International product, we recommend 

cleaning it at least bi-annually.

Frequent cleaning is especially important for temporary structures or those exposed

to environmental factors like industrial fallout, excessive dust, and airborne pollutants.

Cleaning Methods

Depending on the product type, use different cleaning methods.

For fixed or assembled structures, walking on the covers is permissible, but safety 

harnesses are advisable (available through our offices).

For temporary structures, place the product on a clean, flat, and debris-free surface

 (commonly grassy areas).

Cleaning can be efficiently done using a mop or soft cloth attached to a broom head. 

Ensure the product is completely dry before storing.

Be cautious with high-pressure hoses to avoid PVC damage.

Cleaning Structures Material Pvc
Our Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products:

Avoid cleaners with ammonia or petroleum-based solvents,as they can harm the fabric’s 

protective properties, We recommend that you cotact your sales rep for our preferred

 cleaning products. Our cleaning products come in sizes of 5 litres Or 25 litres 

Required Items


Spray Bottle


Soft Brissel Broom

Value Added Services

We offer professional cleaning services, including tensioning checks. Contact our office 

for a quote. For further information on product cleaning, reach out to us at

 031 7004600 or email

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