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Himalaya Tent

The Himalaya offers all the characteristics of a standard frame-type marquee in aluminium or steel with the added advantage of a computer-patterned tensile roof construction. The ALU Himalaya is modular but can be extended with guttering, the STEEL is extendable lengthwise. The peaked computer-patterned tensile roof of the Himalaya ensures there is a constant tension throughout the roof section in all directions – unlike that of a regular ‘A’-Framed marquee, it virtually eliminates movement in a windy environment. The Himalaya leg height is adjustable to suite most terrain conditions. The standard side-walls slide open and shut, making the creation of entrances and exits achievable with ease. Standard fabric walling comes in plain or cottage pane options. Walling is tensioned down by bungie cord on the walling to a ground rail to prevent flapping.

Framed Tents



Available in elctroplated mild steel or aluminium


PVC coated polyester fabric. Waterproof

Fabric Options

700gsm Translucent (std. no lacquer)

700gsm Translucent and 780gsm Block-out, UV, FR, AF, (acrylic coated one side)

840gsm Block-out, UV, FR, AF,(acrylic coated both sides)

Walling Options

Fabric walls – plain or cottage pane option.

Solid walls, glass panelling and doors.

Standard Sizes

4m X4m                 5m x 5m extendable in 5m sections

5m x 5m                10m x 5m extendable in 5m sections

10m x 10m            15m x 10m extendable in 5m sections



The Himalaya is designed to be used in most applications requiring a clear span and free-standing solution.
Stretch Tent on horizon

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