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MTT Church Tents

A church tent is becoming an important asset for any place of worship to invest in. Coming in at a lower price than building a new brick and mortar church, the MTT Structures range of tented churches are ideally designed to accommodate congregations that grow over time. Church tents can be used to establish a place of worship, or added on to an existing church in order to increase capacity, or to host outdoor church events. MTT Structures has supplied tented churches to congregations across Africa, providing quality industry-leading tensile structures that are made to last.


How important is good ventilation?

In the era of COVID-19, we understand the potential for viral infection increases when we meet in numbers within confined spaces (like buildings). This is why good ventilation at any place of worship is vital to keeping each and every congregant as safe as possible. Church tents offer much better ventilation than indoor venues, and with a church tent, lockdown restrictions don’t have to put a stop to your regular gatherings.

Why congregate under a canopy?

  • Outdoor church tents are more affordable than building a new church.

  • Church tents are much cooler during the hot summer months.

  • You can use a church tent to make extra space when hosting church events.

  • Church tents can be erected anywhere that there is enough space.

  • These tents are portable, so you can spread the message far and wide.

Our most popular church tents:

Our MTT Snowpeak tensile structure in on the cutting-edge of church tent technology. This tent offers that WOW factor, and can be used in a semi-permanent or permanent structure – depending on the congregation’s needs. The structure keeps a neat appearance with a framed walling system, which comes in a choice of solid or fabric sidewalls. The Snowpeak tented church is relatively easy to assemble,
and is designed to keep the inside dry at all times – no matter the weather.

Snowpeak Church Tent

  • The most prestigious-looking tent arena you’ll find in South Africa.
  • Choose between solid sides or fabric walling.
  • There are no guide ropes that can cause tripping.
  • The tent’s roof structure ensures a very stable and weather-protected venue.


    1. 25m x 15m extendable in 10m modules.
    2. 35m x 20m extendable in 15m modules.
    3. 45m x 30m extendable in 15m modules.
  • Roofing does not extend to floor, so you keep the view.
  • Solid insulated walling panels with glass panelling.
  • Waterproof, UV resistant, Fire retardant PVC coated fabric.
  • Framework made from hollow tubular electroplated mild steel.

Everest Church Tent

You can call this our mid-range church tent, designed to fill a gap between our standard MTT Alpine Tent and our top-of-the-range MTT Snowpeak Tent. This church tent is extremely stable, with separate walling and roofing. The roof is extended just over the walling, to prevent any rain coming in through the walls, while not ruining your view from inside. The MTT Everest Tent offers superb ventilation, with increased peak-top vents. Masts and side poles are raised for good airflow, rendering the Everest capable of withstanding 120km/h winds.


  • 30m x 20m wide extended in 10m sections

Alpine Church Tent

The MTT Alpine Tent is our mainstay tensile structure, and the original tent we designed over 50 years ago. It comes in as a highly affordable, standard church tent – engineered to our high quality ISO specifications. There are many copycat Alpine tents on the market, made out of cheaper materials, but ours is the original and best. We have designed this church tent to remain extremely stable in any weather conditions, and there is much less flapping noise with the MTT Alpine Tent than with traditional marquees.

  • Frame designed from strong electroplated steel.
  • PVC-coated polyester fabric (waterproof, UV resistant, fire retardant).
  • Choose between different fabric options for the walling.
  • Peaks are designed for optimal stability and aero-dynamics in any weather


1. 20m x 10m extendable in 10m modules

2. 25m x 15m extendable in 10m modules

3. 30m x 20m extendable in 10m modules

4. 45m x 25m extendable in 15m modules

5. 45m x 30m extendable in 15m modules

Tented Churches We’ve Supplied:

Below you’ll find some of the tented churches MTT Structures International has supplied places of worship in our 50 years of tented structure experience. Each church tent is designed with the specific congregation in mind; a unique tent for a unique church, and a tent that is adaptable to your growing congregation. Take a closer look by clicking on any of the images, or get in touch through the contact form underneath.


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