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Alpine Tent

The Alpine Tent was the original structure designed, manufactured, and named by MTT Structures and is engineered to our high quality ISO specifications. One of our most popular and successful range of structures not to be confused with other copycat Alpines with similar names and shapes on the market. Our Alpine is a true fabric tensile structure with a double row of peaks.


With the introduction of Computer Aided Design, this range of tensile structures boasts many unique advantages over conventional wide-width marquees, not only being far more aesthetically appealing and stable, but more effective practically. Due to the CAD design, there is constant two directional tensions throughout the roof section, making it a very stable structure and reducing flapping and noise to a minimum – unlike that of a standard pole-type marquee.

The peaks are designed for optimal stability and aero-dynamics in any weather condition. The peaks also offer a natural convection air-conditioning system, with vents at the top of each main-pole – the hot air rises up and out through the vents making for a cooler venue. The Alpine is based on a ‘Double-King-Pole’ construction, thus omitting the requirement for queen/quarter poles, allowing for a more open-plan, less restricted venue. The side-pole design, complete with a 4 – 6 ton ‘webbing and ratchet’ guide-rope system, makes assembly and post assembly tensioning simple and effortless.

Local African Tensile Sturcutre Supplier



Electroplated steel


PVC Coated Polyester Fabric. Waterproof, UV Resistant, Fire Retardant (DIN4102 B1, M2)

Fabric Options

White 700gsm Translucent and 780gsm Block-out, UV, FR, AF, (acrylic coated one side)

White 840gsm and 950gsm Block-out, UV, FR, AF, (acrylic coated both sides)

Walling Options

Fabric walls

Standard Sizes

20m x 10m extendable in 10m modules

25m x 15m extendable in 10m modules

30m x 20m extendable in 10m modules

45m x 25m extendable in 15m modules

45m x 30m extendable in 15m modules



With the design able to span larger widths, and easy erection, the application to the hire industry is tremendously versatile, from upmarket events eg. Weddings and corporate conventions, to beer fests and concert venues OR Semi and Semi permanent structures such as churches, event centres, arenas etc.

Alpine Tent
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