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Aladdin Tent

The Aladdin Tent is a unique aesthetically pleasing futuristic looking tensile structure. It is practical, stable and a functional in design. The Aladdin is suitable for almost all events, garden party’s and camping.


The design gives very easy access into the structure because of the absence of side poles pegs and ropes. The eliminating of pegs and side poles between the arches does away the likelihood of anybody tripping over the non- existent pegs and side poles as in other pole type structures.Another big advantage of the absence of side poles, due to the tensile patterning, the fewer anchor points required contributes to the ease and speed of the installation.

Although the Aladdin is not extendible, it is able to be joined to another of the same size, with a purpose-made,   water proof connection system. The Aladdin is available with both ‘window’ and ‘plain’ side walls. The unique shape of the Aladdin enhances its stability in windy conditions.



Hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy T606.


PVC Coated Polyester Fabric. Waterproof, UV Resistant, Fire Retardant (DIN4102 B1, M2)

Fabric Options

550gsm Translucent (std. no lacquer)

700gsm Translucent and 780gsm Block-out, UV, FR, AF, (acrylic coated one side)

840gsm Block-out, UV, FR, AF,(acrylic coated both sides)

Walling Options

Half plain walls or half window walls

Standard Sizes

4,5m x 4,5m 

6m x 6m 

6m x 9m 

9m x 9m

9m x 12m

9m x 15m

12m x 18m


Corporate branding, event tents, displays, auxiliary tents, weddings etc.  Day-trips to the dam, the Aladdin makes for a practical larger ‘Gazebo-type’ shelter. Small weddings and events.
Stretch Tent on horizon

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