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Mtt Structures International
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We are Africa’s premier tent and marquee manufacturer. With our vision to be the number one supplier of quality fabric structures, With our mission to provide quality solutions that exceed our clients expectations

Explore the profiles of our MTT leaders below to gain insight into their pivotal roles and responsibilities within our organization. Get a brief yet informative glimpse into what each of them does to contribute to our company's excellence.

Meet The Team

Eddie-Goldblatt founding member of MTT Stuructures

Eddie Goldblatt

Founding Member

Founded in 1967 Eddie started Marquee tent and Tarpaulin and with a passion for engineering and construction has stood the test of time manufacturing and designing marquees and tents for some of the largest organizations worldwide.

With an inbuilt ability for design and development Eddie has developed a great deal of the tent structures in the hiring industry that are now being copied by many a competitor.

With a non-negotiable approach to safety and quality Eddie Goldblatt has steered the company to being the market leader in the industry now supplying products to over 20 countries worldwide

Jan Coetzee managing member MTT Structures

Jan Coetzee

Managing Member

Introducing Jan Coetzee, the driving force behind our organization’s success. As the Managing Member, Jan embodies a commitment to excellence forged through years of owning and running successful businesses.

Inspired by a passion to preserve and enhance the legacy established by our founder, Jan’s leadership is marked by a profound dedication to our shared mission. With exceptional people skills and a people-oriented approach, he not only leads our day-to-day operations but also cultivates a positive and collaborative company culture.

Jan’s entrepreneurial spirit, strategic vision, and hands-on commitment to success make him a cornerstone of our organization. His leadership style, rooted in values of dedication, integrity, and teamwork, creates a dynamic environment where every team member plays a vital role in our collective journey toward sustained achievement.

Jan Coetzee’s leadership is not just about steering the ship; it’s about inspiring and empowering each individual to contribute to the continued success and growth of our organization.

Jared Chipps Business Administration Manager ​of MTT Structures

Jared Chipps

Business Administration Manager

Introducing Jared, a pivotal figure in our organization’s success. Armed with a Degree in Business Management, Jared assumes a crucial role in overseeing the operations and finance functions, driving the business development initiatives of our company. Hailing from the motor industry, Jared brings over a decade of invaluable experience in sales and consumer relations to the table, showcasing a skill set finely tuned to navigate any challenge.

Jared’s enthusiasm for our organization, MTT, is palpable. His passion extends not only to the products and services we offer but also to the inventive solutions tailored for our diverse clientele. The prospect of “Special Projects” serves as a significant motivational catalyst for Jared, propelling a culture of continuous improvement that permeates throughout our operations, from in-house enhancements to cutting-edge product developments.

Recognizing the paramount importance of relationships in business, Jared excels in building and maintaining connections with both clients and suppliers. This commitment is integral to our ongoing mission of delivering high-quality export products that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Jared’s strategic mindset and dedication contribute significantly to our collective pursuit of success and growth.

Kalume Lwamba

Business Development/ Africa Specialist

Allow us to introduce Kalume Lwamba, our accomplished Business Development Manager (Africa)​, distinguished by his remarkable ability to understand people’s needs and his unwavering passion for MTT. Kalume possesses a unique talent, fluently speaking up to eight languages, which significantly enriches his interactions with clients and partners across Africa and beyond.

With years of experience and a keen eye for client requirements, Kalume excels at delivering tailored solutions that perfectly align with their unique needs. His dedication to providing exceptional service extends to his international work within Africa, where he plays a pivotal role in driving sales growth and ensuring client satisfaction.

Kalume’s commitment to MTT, paired with his multilingual proficiency, positions him as a valuable asset in building and strengthening partnerships across the African continent. His unwavering passion for serving clients and driving business development makes him a key contributor to our success in the region.

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